Sunday, December 23, 2007

Israel's Newspapers

Here's another example of the Israeli press's immature journalism and Ami Ayalon's stupidity.
Suddenly, yesterday every paper was carrying a story reporting some of this idiot's remarks, that could come either from the journal "Duh!", or from Neville Chamberlain's School of International Relations. Here are some of the "pearls" quoted in the stories:
1. There is a military intelligence "failure" in that we don't have enough information to rescue Shalit.
2. We should do no less to stop the Qassams than what we're doing to get Shalit back (presumable he means talk to Hamas)
3. Here's to real duezy: Hamas is now asking for a cease fire because they are in distress, for what reason? Because of the diplomatic process since Annapolis. (Not because of our military successes against them)

I can't believe that this guy was really head of the Shabak! Its kind of scary that he has a say in government policies.

Ayalon's PR man must have launched a campaign to get him some publicity, otherwise how can we explain why the ranting of a second rate politician suddenly appear in the headlines in all of the online papers? Israel's major newspapers, in their unprofessionalism, cooperate in this scam.


young_activist said...

Hamas is like the Hydra, the more you attack the stronger it becomes. Any attack against Hamas, particularly one that involves civilian casualties, will only bolster the organization. For that reason a negotiated settlement is the best path to peace. Most Israelis and most Palestinians want peace. If each side stops attacking the other it will undermine conservatives on both sides and make that easier politically. So, unless what you’re after is blood lust then negotiating with your enemies is the best way to go about this situation. The cease-fire offer was a unique opportunity. What reason does anyone on either side have to wish for more violence?

DrJ said...

I agree that we may need to negotiate with our enemies, even with Hamas. I also agree that we have to be wise and balanced in our response. Of course a negotiated settlement is the best path to peace. The problem is that if your frames of reference are so incompatible, the negotiation is futile. Hamas says openly that its goal in negotiation is a temporary truce, so that the Pals can destroy us later when their stronger. Now if your opponent tells you this to your face, what is there to negotiate about? Abbas, perhaps a moderate, is powerless, so he can't deliver the goods....If even moderate Pals hold the right of return as a holy right, which in essence means the end of Israel, do you expect Israel to negotiate itself out of existence?
The Pals leaders have been feeding their people big doses of false hopes and hatred, so what do we expect?

Anonymous said...

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