Thursday, September 6, 2007

Human rights in the era of terrorism

Once again Israel is being dragged through the tar by human rights organizations who claim that we targeted civilians indiscriminately during the second Lebanon war.

For the purpose of this argument, let us, for the moment, disregard the fact that Hizbullah intentionally targeted civilians, and that they hid their terrorist infrastructure within their own civilian population. The key question here is, what is deterrence? The doctrine of deterrence applies to the balance of power between states. It applied particularly during the cold war, but is an essential part of the defense doctrine of all western countries. In an era of missiles, warplanes, nuclear weapons, how do we defend our civilians? We say to our potential attacker, that whatever you do to us, we can do back to you even more harshly. If you attack our cities, we can attack yours. Otherwise, what's the use of deterrence, if, when your own population is attacked, you only attack "proportionately" again military targets only?

What other self defense is available in a situation, where rockets cannot be interecepted and cannot be located?

Israel acted correctly in bombing civilian and infrasructure targets. Now the Arabs know that we will not hesitate to massively bomb them if they bomb us. This is deterrence!

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