Sunday, September 2, 2007

Self-hating Israeli news reporters

This article speaks for itself and confirms what I have said about many of Ha'aretz writers' unabashed anti-Israel bias.

Zionist Federation cancels Haaretz journalist
Columnist Danny Rubinstein reportedly likens Israel to apartheid South Africa

According to Alan Dershowitz's criteria, this kind of writing borders on anti-Semitism, while disproportionately demonizing and singling out of Israel for criticism, in the context of dozens of nationalistic struggles worldwide.

So now Danny Rubenstein can join the Avraham Burg club of Israel and Jew bashers.

I have found good summary articles from the excellent CAMERA site, regarding Ha'aretz's questionable editorial standards and anti-Israel bias; they can be found here and here

By no means should readers expect to obtain a balanced, responsible or objective view of events in Israel from Ha'aretz.

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